Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wonder Con

I'll have a booth at Wonder Con this weekend Feb.27th to Mar.1st. Hope to see you there!


Louis Cypher said...

Hey Christian, this is Johannes. Wanted to say thanks for the chat on Saturday on the WonderCon. Your work looks great!

james_oshea3 said...

Hey Christian, did you know about this?

How do you approach doing master copies of illustrators? do you do quick thumbs for composition or do you go all the way with a color study as well? very curious to know, Thanks!

Christian Alzmann said...

Cool! I hadn't seen that yet. Some of those images look a bit dark and could be gamma'd up a bit.

On the master copy question, it depends what you are wanting to learn from them. Its its overall color, design and composition a small thumbnail or study will probably do. If its their detail and how they overlay their brushwork to build up forms I would take the color study to finish.

james_oshea3 said...

wow thanks christian! I appreciate it.
Can't wait for the release of the movie as well as the "Art of" book!

Anonymous said...